Get a bicycle.  You will not regret it if you live.  ~Mark Twain, “Taming the Bicycle”

To seek adventure and escape from the mundane we left New Zealand to travel overland from India to Cape Town in August 09. Whilst in Iran we met two crazy Frenchmen cycling from Beijing to Paris. It took little encouragement to be convinced of the benefits of travelling by the most efficient means yet to be invented. The humble bicycle. Whilst we have little experience of bicycles or bicycle touring, we are excited by the possibility of travelling slowly, village to village, rather than the tedious bus rides from city to city.

We will be self-sufficient in food, shelter, water and hopefully transport. We plan to camp and self cater to keep costs down and look forward to interacting with the locals away from the tourist hordes.

We will head south from Istanbul, with no timeframe and no destination. (we head home when the money runs out)

Just a crazy desire to be free and experience the wonders of this beautiful world.

Whilst the purpose of our adventure is completely selfish in nature we are hoping we can make a small contribution to the people and the landscapes we pass through. To this end we are raising money for ‘Bikes not Bombs’ a non-profit organisation that refurbishes and recycles unwanted bicycles and distributes them through Africa. Please click on the Charity link to find out more

Willie and Carrie